A simple IMDb App

Designing a simplified version of IMDb for iOS.

In the IMDb app everything happens in the same »virtual space«. There are no pages and no forward and back buttons. Users don’t have to click through a bunch of pages to get to the information they want. Search results are displayed as cards in a list. They can expand to reveal more information and new cards can appear in the list if the user wants to know know more about a related movie or actor.

Cards can expand in size and related cards can appear.

There are two different types of cards: Person & Movie. Person cards display the person's name, their profession, their portrait and the movies they're known for. Movie cards display the movie title, release date, the movie cover and the cast.

On tap the cards expand to reveal a more detailed display of known for movies or the cast. Additional information like birthday or director & writer are now also displayed in the card.

Search, search result and expanded card.

iPad Version

I designed the IMDb app for iPhone as well as the iPad: